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Myocite Cell Isolation System

Fraunhofer Life Sciences Engineering Group

Myocite Cell Isolation System
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Automated, customizable cell processing

  • Objective

    Obtaining viable myocyte cells is a critical step in performing in vitro cardiac cell assays. Testing new drug candidates in this model heart system requires large numbers of myocytes to be produced quickly for screening. The isolation and production of myocyte cells for this purpose is highly labor intensive and low yielding. Thus, this project sought to automate the manual process and increase throughput.

  • Methodology

    We developed a system that utilizes pressure-based liquid infusion with volumetric feedback control. The pressure-based manifold results in a more affordable, more reliable, and easier-to-use system. The four reaction chamgers feature oscillating mechanical agitators and allow up to four simultaneous cultures to be processed. The housing provides protection from external environmental factors. Customized software permits user-supplied inputs for fluid extraction / replenishment quantities and processing times.

  • Results

    • Unique mixing chamber design improves cell survival rate
    • Setup time less than 20 minutes
    • Easily customizable protocols
    • Compact design fits in standard bio-safety cabinet
    • Each reaction chamber produces 3,000,000 functional cells



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Bill Mosolgo

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