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Innovation from Integration

Fraunhofer Life Sciences Engineering Group

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The Fraunhofer Life Sciences Engineering (LSE) Group addresses the distinctive needs and constraints at the intersection of life sciences and engineering. As a joint venture between the Fraunhofer CMI and the Fraunhofer IPT, we apply our multinational resources to engineer advanced solutions for biological problems. Our specialized services encompass medical instrument and device development and automation of biological & biomolecular processes.

i nterdisciplinary Expertise

As progress and innovation increasingly occur at the interface of once distinct scientific disciplines, comprehensive knowledge and integrated capabilities have become crucial for success. These qualities are particularly valuable in the diverse field of Life Sciences.

With a motivated and experienced team of professionals, Fraunhofer LSE Group has the skills required for integrating engineering with medical science to cost-effectively develop cutting-edge technologies and products for customers across the medical and biotechnology industries.

Because of our connection with Fraunhofer CMI and Fraunhofer IPT, we employ extensive, advanced research facilities to create value for

  • industrial R&D companies by launching new development partnerships;
  • medical clinicians by creating solutions to address their needs.