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The Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI) conducts advanced research and development and engineers solutions for a broad range of industries, including biotechnology, photonics, manufacturing, and renewable energy. Engineers, scientists, faculty, and students at our Center transform emerging research into viable technology solutions that meet the needs of both domestic and global clients. Our services include product and device development, high precision automation systems, and laboratory assays & instruments.


Preview Image of Artificial Hand

Fraunhofer CMI Developed Artificial Hand for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Over the past several decades, minimally invasive surgery has become more prevalent because it does not require major incisions to the patient, allows for quicker healing, reduces post-operative pain, and may reduce wound complications. However, in comparison to open surgery, existing laparoscopic tools still limit the surgeon's dexterity significantly.

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Preview Image of Artificial Hand

Plant-Based Vaccine Production

Fraunhofer CMI, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biotechnology (CMB) and Boston University, has developed an automatic, scalable, natural plant "factory" that can efficiently produce large quantities of medication to address potential biological threats. Located in Newark, Delaware, the facility officially became operational in April 2010...

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